Bible Study 圣经学习

Mandarin Bible Study 齐来读圣经 (普通话)

Wednesdays 周三 10 am -12 noon

Life is full of struggles and stressful.  Reading the Bible can help us to get spiritual strength to face the challenges in life so that we can have peace and joy.  We are now studying the Gospel of Matthew.  You are welcome to come and join us, to study the Bible and to discuss any questions you have in the Christian faith.  

生命里面有挣扎和苦难,充满压力。 读圣经可以帮助我们得到力量去面对生命的挑战,可以平安和喜乐地过每一天。 我们现在是研读马太福音,欢迎你来和我们一起读圣经和讨论基督教信仰的问题。 


ESL Bible Study 读圣经学英语

Thursdays 周四  11:30am – 12:30pm

Learn English and gain peace of mind through reading the Bible